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Get Premium Domains And Start Making $1000’s By Taking Only 5 Minutes A Day

Get Premium Domains

In this report, you will discover my ways, which have brought me success by taking only 5 minutes of your time a day by using only free tools available online. Thank you for your visit, and I guarantee you
Success by using steps taken in this guide.

This guide will teach you:
  • How to get a premium keyword rich domain.
  • How to use free online tools to reduce speculations and  risk to 0.
  • How to make money by building a simple website.
  • How to maintain your website and make the most out of it.
  • How to know when it is time to strike and make the the maximum amount of money
  • How to make money even when the trend cools down

All these methods have brought me a lot of  Traffic = conversion = $$$

What is the domain?

The domain is a sort of pre-presentation of your website. An excellent short keyword-dense memorable domain is worth a lot more than you might think. On the internet, the domain name is treated as your second logo.

Why is a good domain important?

A good keyword dense domain with a .com ending is trustworthy from visitor's eyes. Therefore you might get a higher percentage of sales purely on the fact that the domain looks honest. Cool eh?

A keyword-rich domain is also precious from an SEO point of view. Having keywords that you aim for in your domain name can put you without much effort on any search engine's first page.

What is the search engine's point of view on exact keyword domain names?

All search engines acknowledge the keyword-rich domain as superior. Picking a domain with exact keywords you are trying to rank good at is vital for your success. Do not use more than one dash to make your website look "spammy" from visitors and SEO perspective.

Picking the best domain extension proves to be important and I would only look for .com, .net, and .org domain extensions.

Ranking of Domain Name Extensions:
  1. .Com
  2. .Net
  3. .Org
  4. .Us
  5. .Me
  6. .Biz
  7. .Info
  8. .Mobi

What is a premium domain?

The word premium domain is often used in webmaster terminology. "Good", "Top", "Best" domain all tend to describe the domain, but "Premium" is reserved for those unique domains, which opportunity to have does not come very often. Most of the so-called premium domains are already taken.

Why is that so?

Domain marketing has always been a very successful business, and it is still growing. A long time ago, webmasters found out that owning the right domain can be profitable. Everyone started speculating on domain names and buying them for future profits.

This guide will teach you how you can get premium domains by taking just 5 minutes a day using nothing but free tools. I will teach you how you can make speculating reduce to 0 and how to make a profit with these domains in different waves of traffic within days, months, and years!

If you have no unique idea ideas, do not worry! We are going to use every free tool available, which will help find our ideas.

STEP 1: Getting started

Getting profitable domain ideas:

Let us assume that no "evergreen" domain is available anymore. This is true in 99% of cases as almost all .com domains are taken even for the smallest niches. Our goal is to follow trends.

But the daily trends won't do! Why? Because before you will be able to get your website up and running with at least one article indexed the trend might die. So we will need something less speculative.

Using free online tools to discover profitable niches and trends:

Use every available source to know what will be profitable in the future. Niches will be profitable in the future, have no competition, and have all premium domains available. Your goal is to find those niches before everyone else. 

By using news sites, you can do just that. Here is a list of useful websites (click to open in browser):
  • Yahoo! News
  • CNN
  • New York Times
  • Digg
  • Google News
  • CNBC
  • BBC News

I primarily use Why?

Everything is up to date, the website runs fast, and you get links  to all the websites, which posted articles on the same topic.

List of keywords you should use to get maximum effect

Using keywords to scrap news website for valuable information will make your search easier. Use any of these keywords when searching for a domain ideas and what will be profitable in the future.
  • announced
  • announcement
  • announced today
  • confirmed
  • coming soon
  • next month
  • by the end of the year
  • coming
  • released
  • release date
  • announce
Google news

Here is an example from Google news taken randomly when this was written. Here is your hot niche!
This news is fresh! It was published just 10 hours ago and you might be one of the first webmasters seeing this.

Grab your opportunity!
  1. Niche: technology
  2. Keyword: Apple Silicon Macs
  3. Monetization: selling Amazon products, Adsense has high valued clicks at tech niche…

In general, you will want to pay attention to three things:
  • Niche
  • Profitability of the product (you will learn this in Step1, step 1.5 and in Step 2)
  • Release date (Step 2)
Keep in mind that this is useful not only for physical products like phones, hardware, and new cars but also for  events such as sports events, concerts, and other global events.

Make a list of all the niches you find exciting and which seem profitable. By the end of the day, decide into which  niches or announcements you will dig in. But hurry! You are not the only one looking for such opportunities.

You have a niche, but which domains should you buy? What will make you profit?

Start working right away! Get yourself a premium domain  no one has had time to think of!
The most obvious domain name would be the keyword-rich domain (from previous example): [important:9 be careful when dealing with domains with brand names in them]

So now, you have your primary premium domain. You can use it for your website as it is perfect as it is keyword rich.

Which other similar domains should you get?


I've found another "announced product," and it is a famous game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4:

Niche: gaming
Primary keyword: modern warfare 4
Monetization: selling Amazon products, selling Clickbank's guides on the game itself
Primary domain name: // this kind of domains are often already taken, but there is no need to throw such a profitable niche away.

How to find other opportunities? For that, you will use Google Keyword Tool Look at the similar previous products and high volume searches for it, in this case: Modern Warfare 3 This is just a small list; there are at least 10 times more niches available.

What was interesting to the public in the previous release of the game is in 99% going to be in the next release.

Get the keyword-rich domain such as:

People are often searching for the basic stuff as *,  *, *, *, and so on. So use your Google Keyword Tool as much as possible to get every possible profitable domain out of it. Traffic = profit!

Personal experience:
It is up to you how many domains you buy. Sometimes I hit myself on the head for not buying all .com, .net, and .org domains. When the time came on the release date, I could easily make a few 1000 bucks by selling .net and .org and keeping the .com for myself.

Leave no money on the table, act right away and start making a profit out of your new niche

Make a website as soon as possible with at least one  article. Why? Competition won't even exist at the beginning and in 90% of the time, you will get the #1 Google position by just making a website with one article and exact keyword premium domain.

Why should you hurry?

For example, if a product or whatever the niche you are in is coming in 6 months, you will get at least three months advantage before other webmasters see the real value in product. You get three months of #1 spot in Google and once you are there for a long time it is very hard for the competition to get ahead of you.

A simple website can be built in a minute by using, for example, hostgator's hosting and their WordPress installation. It all takes a minute, and you have yourself a working page on the #1 position. Having at least one article published and SEO optimized will benefit in the long run. I always make at least one short 300-word article on the main keyword.

STEP  2: Never Give Up

First Wave: getting domain profitable right away

By now, you already have a website with a premium domain on the 1st page of a search engine and possibly on the #1 place position. At this stage, the niche might still have high search volume since the announcement everybody is talking about it.

Sometimes you will have 1000's visitors a day for a first a week or so, and you need to take advantage and convert those visits into profit. There are endless possibilities on how to convert traffic and you may use these technique through-out the process:
  • Using Adsense is the most obvious, especially if you are in tech, gadgets, health, and other high paying niches you will do well.
  • You may also try finding a product that your visitors may be looking for. It could be a former version of the product your website talks about.
  • Using opt-ins or subscribe brackets to get your email list full of future buyers, for example: "Be first to know the release date and full price of the product, subscribe here!"

STEP  3: Almost there

Second Wave: be profitable through the months

Days are turning into weeks and weeks to months. You can completely forget about the website or update it with content, which will bring you even more traffic. Even an article a month is enough.

Just a small update for your website to stay on the search engines #1's place for your favorite keyword.
During the months, there will be many searches on keywords such as:
  • Price
  • Release date
  • Preview
  • Review
You want at least 4 articles with those keywords in the title. For example, Modern Warfare 3 price, Modern Warfare release date, and so on. But how to be the first to know the price and release date when it is not even published yet!?

So? You can always make a poll on how much you would pay for a product or how much you think it will cost, and when you think it will release. You will be indexed by search engines and be in first place for such keywords.

This way, you will keep all the traffic and earn big profits during the path to the so-called D-day explained in Step 4.

At this time, you may also get some competition so keep an eye out for new websites trying to take your place. But do not worry. If you've done everything posted above, they don't stand a chance!

Ways to keep your #1 position

This is necessary only if your competition is working hard on the same keywords as you are.
  • Getting fresh content will keep your rankings high
  • Backlinking with carefully chosen anchor texts
    • Blog commenting
    • Forum signature links
    • Building support pages by using or and another web 2.0 websites such as Squidoo and HubPages
    • Link your websites and form a network, which will support itself.
    • Only link the websites with similar content.

STEP  4: D Day

Third Wave: the time has come to earn

bigtime! Your website is still in the #1 place thanks to a few articles with keywords, which were carefully chosen. The product is releasing today! You may see a lot of competition now. Webmasters have noticed that this niche is profitable and are working very hard with semi-good domains.

At this time, your traffic will skyrocket! So prepare for that! Going from 200 visitors a day to 30 000 a day may be hard for some hosting plans. And nothing is worse than giving hard-earned traffic away due to a server overload. Get a VPS! Monetizing your website from now on it is up to you.

You may sell products through different affiliate networks like or use and similar. In combination with AdSense, you will earn big time!

Future of your website:

Now it is time to decide what you will do with your website. Your competition is getting closer and closer to you and you are starting to lose traffic. You have two options:
  • Start posting fresh content, do backlinking, get a lot of work is done or
  • Sell your website when it is on top and slowly
starting to fall down the rankings – a website with 30000 visits a day and a few $100 of earnings a day is worth A LOT! Selling a website like this can bring you a few $10000 to your account by doing virtually nothing.

STEP  5: Selling a website or Domain

Top websites to sell your website or domain

You could also keep your domain intact for all this time and wait for the right opportunity to sell it.
You can see when the trend is on its maximum at

When the trends reach a maximum and start falling, it is time to sell your website/domain. Selling a domain name or a website by now is easy.Many will try to obtain a premium domain website with a few thousand visitors a day.

Top domain name auction sites:

Top website auction sites:
  • forum sections of,
Buyers will notice quality! And you have quality!


All you need to do is open your browser and start getting your premium domains in profitable niches today!

Follow the steps in this guide, and you should get results very soon. Act today! I hope you've enjoyed this guide,

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