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How to find expired domains and what to do with them

How to find expired domains and what to do with them


Many people wonder how to find expired domains and what to do with them. Getting good domains with a high Page Rank and a good quality of links is something we would all like. If the domain is the same theme as our website, "honey on flakes."

Well, it is possible to get them, although it is not an easy task. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a pinch of luck. You have to know what tools to handle and how to do it and have the ability to search for them methodically consistently.

Once you get the hang of it, you can check them every day in less than five minutes.

Expired or Expired Domains: How to Find Them

The first thing is to define what is an expired or expired domain.

What is an expired or expired free domain

When someone registers a domain, they have to pay an annual amount for it. Generally, payments are made year by year, and when the renewal is not paid, the domain expires, it is no longer active on the network, and anyone can buy it.

Some of that domain has acquired a certain strength throughout its existence. They could have been good domains that have achieved good links or backlinks that have given them a good page rank or DA (Domain authority).

Although it seems incredible, many domains expire by mistake or by mistake (they have forgotten to pay for the renewal), and therefore you can find real gems. When a domain expires, it is no longer operational, and your website is no longer accessible.

Stages of a domain until its expiration

When a domain has not been renewed, it goes through different stages before it is released (it can be freely repurchased).

Grace period

Its owner can still renew the domain. It is about 5-10 days for a .es and about 35-45 days for a .com.

Redemption period

The owner can still reacquire it at a higher cost, and the process is longer.

Pending deletion

The domain is locked. The process of recovering it is more complicated. It has not yet been released, so third parties cannot yet purchase it.


After the previous steps, the domain is free and can be bought or renewed by anyone. This is where the interest in acquiring interesting domains is.

Why buy expired web domains

There are many reasons why it is interesting to buy expired domains, as long as they are quality domains (that have not already been spammed) and with a link profile already worked. You have to make sure that the domain is clean and has not been penalized, and does not have junk links.

Here is Matt Cutts explaining this topic a bit:

The uses that can be given will vary depending on the strategy and the type of domain found.

To support and enhance our personal project.

If I were "lucky" to find an expired domain of a Spanish marketing blog with high authority and good links pointing to your site, I would use it to (once activated and launched) link to my blog.

In this way, I would be taking advantage of all the strength that the domain that I acquired would have. In the same way with any other theme for other websites ( niche, customer, etc.).

It always has to be of the same theme. If you sell shoes and link to a locksmith domain, you are doing something that is useless and could penalize you.

Quality domains with the same theme, always.

For our private blog network

PBN's (Private Blog Network) is a private blog network created with the support of expired or expired domains. The PBNs must have various domains with different endings (.es, .com, .wiki, etc.).

To position local businesses

If you have a taxi company and find a clean and quality taxi domain, it will be great to use it to boost your positioning and business. But if what you find in a locksmith domain, don't ever link it to your website. 🙂

For a Tiered Link Building strategy


The tiered link building, as it explains very well by Luis M. Villanueva here is a Seo strategy levels which forces are transmitted from one level to another, starting a tired link building free domains for the lowest one, to transfer the entire force of links to the higher level (Tier-1) and from there to our main blog.

The lowest levels are those with the lowest quality of links. The quality of links and websites increases as you level up, reaching the highest level (Tier 1) in which blogs and links must be very careful.

I recommend that you read Luis's article, which explains it in detail.

To use it as a bargaining chip.

If you find an interesting expired domain and you don't know what to do with it, you can sell it to someone interested or give it to them in exchange for a link from one of their sites, for example.

Finding Expired Web Domains

After this "introduction," we go to the heart of the matter. How to find expired domains.

For this, we have first to see what tools we need to use. Although there are paid ones and are more powerful, we will use only free tools to search for domains. To observe your links' quality, you will have to use a paid one or use the free version of Ahrefs or MOZ, for example.

Tools needed for the expired links strategy

Keep in mind that it is not just about finding the domains, but about seeing if they are of quality, have been used for spam or not. See the quality of your link profile and check if the domain has been penalized.

Expiring .es Domains

With expiring .es domains, you can find Spanish domains (.es). It is a tool where the lists of expired domains will appear by dates, from the most current to the most distant. You can also enter the date you want in the search engine.


Xenu is an application to detect outgoing links from a URL that go to domains that no longer exist. The more important a URL is (official bodies, newspapers), the more likely they have links pointing to an expired domain.

The expired domain allows you to find expired domains of multiple extensions and apply a series of filters to limit the search to those that interest you most.


Moz's fantastic tool will tell you that the Domain Authority has the domain you have selected. Since the page rank has not been used for a long time, it is a good step to evaluating a domain.

A bead. shows you the content of the web before it expired in different periods of time. A gem to take advantage of that content and see the quality of it. And it is free.

Massive search for Mr. Dominio

This tool allows you to analyze in one go (up to 200, I think) all the domains you have found and shows you the available ones—a great saving of energy and time.

Link analysis tools

To study the possible spasm and see the links and their quality, we will use Ahrefs and/or Majestic, better both.

With Ahrefs, we can check the URL links and determine if they are consistent with the URL theme. If you see strange links with anchor texts that have nothing to do with it, they may have already used it to spam, and it would no longer be interesting.

Majestic (paid) is the best tool to detect the quality of the links. Its Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) indices should be as high as possible. And see the relationship between them.

Not all tools are necessary. Of the first three, I will only use one. The rest of the process is the same, or very similar, for the others.

The search process for expired free domains with Expiring .es domains

In this case, we use the tool to find Spanish domains, and later we will do the whole process to select them and check their strength, quality, and see the content they had.

1- Scan recently expired domains (search domain)

Expiring en domains expired domains web domain

The tool offers you the list of Spanish expired domains by days. You don't have to go very far back in time. You can see those of one or two previous days or you can put the date you want.

You click on the chosen day, and you get a list of the domains. By clicking on DA (Domain Authority), you order them from highest to lowest strength.

List of expired domains expired en domains register domain.

Not all the domains that come out will be available (far from it). To see the available ones, use the following tool.

2- Check the available domains

bulk search expired domains buy a web domain

With the massive search for Mr. Dominio, we save ourselves the task of going one by one.

I copy the list in an excel (select, copy and paste), and in the excel, I copy the column of the domains and paste it in the mass search. I select the box " by domain," and that's it.

As you can see from the ones I have selected (the first 20 of the list, more or less), there are only 4 or 5 available.

mass search expired domains don domain check domain

3- Test the "strength" of the domain

Although the list of domains is the DA and the PA, it is worth checking with the Moz Open Site Explorer tool.

Moz open site explorer for expired domains free domains

The data that he gives you have to take as a reference. Nor is it the Holy Grail. You can not only rely on those indicators to determine the domain's potential.

Open the tool and copy the chosen domain. You will see the Moz metrics and the number of links, and some of the links that the application detects for the domain.

4- See the history of the URL

archive org for expired domains domain registration

As the domain is expired, you will not be able to access their website. It has disappeared. But with the tool, you can detect the content you had in different periods of the past. A trip back in time.

5- Check outgoing links with Ahrefs

With this, we make sure that the URL does not have links to pages that have nothing to do with their activity, which could indicate that they have already used it to spam or try to benefit another domain.

We can also see the backlinks or inbound links of the domain.

6- See the quality of the link profile with Majestic

Check the quality of a domain with majestic cheap domains

To determine the quality of the links. In the image, you can see that, for the domain, «,» Majestic offers a Trust flow of 10 and a Citation flow of 11.

The higher, the better. You can see more about the interpretation of the indices in this guide by Javier Marcilla.

With all of the above, you can have a perfect idea about whether you are interested in the domain or not. Now you have to go to Go Daddy and buy it.

Search for expired free domains with Xenu

Xenu-starting-point-expired-domains search domain

Another suitable tool for domain "hunting" is Xenu. The domain analysis process is the same, so we are not going to repeat it. You will have to change the first step above (using the expired .es domains tool) for Xenu.

The application's visual aspect is not the most striking thing to say, but it offers excellent results, is very easy to use, and is free.

To start the process, go to the link and download the application. Once downloaded, you have to go to « File,» → then « Check Url,» → and then enter the URL you want to analyze in the box. Make sure the " Check external links " box is checked.

Hit " OK," and you have to wait. It will take a while, depending on the size of the domain, to scan. As we have seen in the previous list of tools, it is convenient to choose the powerful domain of large organisms to have a better chance of finding something good.

We are looking for outbound links to domains that no longer exist (that have expired).

When you have the list, look in the column » Status » → « No such Host, «which indicates that this outgoing link points to a domain that does not exist.

Group all the domains that appear to you under that heading and repeat the entire previous process:

Massive domain search.

DA check with Moz Open site explorer. to see the content that the domain had.

Ahrefs to see if you have "rare" links

Majestic to evaluate the quality of the domain's links.

If you don't have the payment tools, you can also see some of the domain links with MOZ.

Find domains that don't exist with

Another free tool to find domains that don't exist. The best thing is that you register so that you can opt for more functionalities.

What I like about expired domains is that you can apply many filters to narrow your search. They have changed the filter panel, and I can no longer find certain limits, such as avoiding fake domains. You can activate the Page Rank, but it is not updated, and the data may not be reliable, as they indicate.

expired domain search expired domains list of domains, registration of domains

However, you can choose to search for domains based on a keyword (for example, shoes), and all the domains that contain that word will appear. You can activate the search date range, what type of extension you are looking for (I recommend .com to start). The Spanish (.es) are within the Europe AE tab.

You can also select the keyword in the search engine, and it will find all the domains that contain it with all the extensions.

In the image, you can see the list that appears with the search for expired domains of the last 7 days that contain the word "shoes."

Other good practices with free domains

With all of the above, I think you already have more than enough to get by in the world of expired domains.

But there are other actions that you could do if you consider it appropriate.

Let's see them!

Check if the domain has been penalized.

As Matt Cutts says in the video answering a similar question, the ways you can get an idea about whether the domain has been penalized are:

Search for the Google domain with the search command "SITE "in the format "site: domain name.extension." If no sign appears, it is a terrible sign and indicates that you may have been penalized. You can see what commands to use with Google in

Google the domain name without the extension. In the case of this blog, it would be "infodomain" without the ".xyz." It is a way to test the domain's reputation in terms of comments for or against it. If you have been spamming emails, you may find user comments against you.

Check that the content is original.

It may be that you have found a domain that is worth it, clean and of quality, and, also, looking at it with, you discover that it has high-quality content that you would like to use.

check plagiarized content plagiarism expired domains, hosting and domain

It is always good to check that the content is original. In this case, since it is an expired domain, the content is not indexed, and you could reuse it. But first, make a check that it is not plagiarized.

You can use the tool that allows you up to 10 searches a day in the free version. You can copy and paste a text or do it by Url.

Track domains about to expire

Another option is to keep track of the domains about to expire to be the first to access them as soon as they expire.

In many cases, they will not expire since the owners pay at the last minute to renew the domains, but if someone misses it, you can find a little gem.

Domain or backorder auctions

A backorder is a request to register a domain that is working if it is no longer operational. The domain registration request would be processed at the time it was released.

It is a perfect option for you to do with quality domains to see if "the flute sounds." You can use the platform The starting price of the auctions is € 15. If there are no more interested parties (only you), the price would be 15 euros and include the domain registration for one year.

Buy cheap and authoritative domains with Serpdrive.

(Updated March 2, 2018)

There is a tool (I have not tried it) of which they speak very well to find and buy good expired domains, at a good price and with authority.

The SEO tool is called Serpdrive, and it is the tool that faster searches expired domains with authority and cheap. Why? Because it does everything automatically: it searches, finds, and analyzes expired domains.

Serpdrive expired domains buy cheap domains.

There is no monthly fee to use the tool. You only pay when you search ($ 12), and with just one research, you can find between 50 and 100 domains within the niche you have chosen.

This is what Serpdrive offers in a nutshell:

Web interface: you do not have to download any software as it works directly from the website.

Simple step-by-step process: You have to select the platform's source to find expired domains with Serpdrive.

Automatic Spam Check: Serpdrive automatically scans the expired domains it finds and then filters out the terrible ones.

Results: In the end, the tool serves around 50 expired domains that have passed the spam filter and have decent Majestic metrics.

Email notification - you don't have to sit back and wait for Serpdrive to finish. The tool will send you an email when the results are found.

Archive results: all traces are saved to your account so you can use them anytime you want.

Here is a short 2-minute tutorial to give you a good idea of ​​the use of the drive. It is in English, but you can put subtitles to follow it better if you want.

Although I have not tried it (for now), it seems a handy tool, especially if you set up a private blog network (PBN) and want to find authoritative and spam-free domains in a more automated and faster way.

I hope this guide to finding expired domains, analyzing them, and knowing what to do with them has been interesting for you.

It really is a simple process that, if you do it every day, it can bring you some joy or other.


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